Long Time, No See

I would like to preface this post by saying sorry. Jesus has been helping me by getting off the antidepressants I was on for around 2 years. It has been a long battle full of pain. I arise victorious through the Lord Jesus Christ as I did not have the strength to get off of them on my own.

I pray all of you who are going through the same battle to call on the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. For in Him will you find the strength to fight off the Devil’s attacks. I spent many nights laying on my bathroom floor begging for relief. My withdrawal was the maximum amount of time of around one month. I had given up several times because the symptoms grew so severe. This is why several months have passed.

If you are going through this please do not be afraid to reach out for help. For I felt as if I was dying from how severe the symptoms became. I have not been working and living off of the last of my school loans for this year because I have been trying so hard to get off this terrible medicine.

It has been a long journey this past year as I have spent majority of my time crying and laying in the bathroom. I promise you if you call upon the Lord Jesus, He will help you. Do not be afraid my brothers and sisters for His arrival is very soon. Remember that the Lord Jesus loves you in such a manner you will not be able to comprehend. Please make the leap of faith today as I wish to see all of you thriving in Heaven.

The time is 3:53 in which I finished writing which means….Lamentations 3:53 – “They dropped me alive into a pit and cast stones upon me.”

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