Why I Dropped Out of Law School to Follow God

I will preface this with my struggles of going through undergraduate school and law school. I was raised in an Asian (Laotian) cultured house, despite only being an adopted half-asian who looks white. It was hard to fit in, no doubt about it. The extra icing on the cake is that I had undiagnosed ADHD, which I only found out due to re-establishing a relationship with biological father. My biological father had ADHD as a child and struggled with school.

I struggled all throughout my life trying to focus and study. It might sound stereotypical, but my adoptive asian parents were extremely demanding. They only cared about money, grades, and materialistic ideals. I was regarded as only an object and they dehumanized me. My issue is that they abused my ‘people-pleaser’ nature and took advantage of me since I was first adopted.


I attended Georgia College & State University for my first two-years of undergraduate school. It is a liberal arts school that was not inherently bad. It required a lot of useless classes. (Sometimes I feel like school is a scam.) However, after those first two years I transferred to the University of Georgia at the request of my parents. For they only cared about what looked great to the outside world. It plagued my family like a virus. All they wanted was excessive wealth and did not care whatsoever about mental health.

Law School:

I finally graduated from the University of Georgia during the pandemic. However, it was a long and awful journey that I witnessed. I was so stressed as I needed to pass every single class in the summer semester, while studying for the LSAT. All while this is going on I gained 40 pounds of pure fat. This is where I hit rock-bottom, but somehow I managed to do both simultaneously. I forgot to mention I broke my arm right before the pandemic began. If you are wondering how I survived, I HAVE NO IDEA. (At least at that point in time.)

When I finally got accepted in Samford University I took the chance because I did not have a stellar LSAT score by any means. I also had decent grades. However, I commend myself (and God) for giving me the strength to fight through all that pain. What sucks about this whole story is that I was so happy about what I accomplished. However, when I returned to see my adoptive parents they did not care honestly. The very first thing my Uncle (guardian) asked me, “Hey, you ready to go to work at 7 a.m. tomorrow?” For a moment I realized I had enough of the abuse by these EVIL DEMONS who I had to call family. I had literally just arrived at my guardian’s house and was not even there for more than an hour.

I left in a storm! I did not even think twice. I grabbed all my bags and said I was tired of all this B.S.! The next best part is that I gave one last Olive Branch to help bring us back together (though I did not consciously think of it like that because I was so exhausted.) I asked them to sign the apartment lease as originally planned between my guardians. However they refused to sign and I had no idea what to do. But I explained my situation to the Apartment complex and they allowed me to use my student loans to show I had the funds to pay rent. All I have to say is…. God Loves Us All and He Has a Plan For Those Who Follow Him!

I look back now and I can see all the tests. I struggled my entire first semester of law school, but I managed to exceed my expectations and pass all my classes. It was certainly an interesting experience that I will never forget, however, the Lord has shown me the true riches of the world! They do not come in items or certain materials. It lies before your very eyes! God will show you that your Family and Learning to Love Your Fellow Man are the most important things in your life. Of course those come after God, For you must put God first before anything else. God will show you the narrow path that He expects all of man to find, however, not every soul will be saved. He will show you how to love your family. He will show you what Love is and show you His love. His Love is a Love like no other. You cannot logically explain or compare it to anything on this planet. For God’s love made me feel whole.

I dropped out of Law School to follow God. The Law in which Man abides by today is not JUST. The Law of Moses is what you should be following. God Bless Everyone Who Reads This! I hope you decide to take that Leap of Faith and open your heart to let God in! Do not let Money and the Devil’s tricks run your life. For you will find out when you want Wealth, You must sacrifice your soul because you cannot have TWO MASTERS!

The time at which I am finishing this blog post is 9:19 which means… Psalm 9:19 – “Arise, LORD, do not let mortals triumph let nations be judged in your presence.”

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