What Money Does To Your Soul

In my short time of living in this time period. I have only learned that money tears many families apart and that society persecuted Jesus. I find it important to mention that when you follow in the steps of God, you must not be afraid to show your Love for Him. When I finally found the Love of God and He allowed me to see The Truth of reality in this world. It made my own family hate me. For my own family demonized my name behind my back for wanting to better myself. I realized how awful money is and how it tore my family apart. For When You Follow Jesus, You Will Be Persecuted Just As Jesus Was.

When I mention the name of God, my own family cowers and pushes me away. I have never felt truly alone until I began to make that leap of faith and Lean fully into Our Father’s Graces. It is much more difficult to follow the narrow path with a narrow gate set by God than what most people think. It is MUCH easier to sin than do what is righteous and just in the Lord’s eyes. Even though I have felt the Holy Spirit flow through my heart and soul, I am still tempted by the Devil. For Our Father let His Only Begotten Son be constrained by total humanity. Jesus experienced all Temptations that Man has encountered and never once gave in. Try to imagine the pain and feeling of your own people rejecting you.

When my own family rejected me and pushed me away further for finding God’s love. I want to share the things I have learned through all my trials. I want to show people that faith in God can heal you. However, I quickly realized no one wanted to hear what I had to say about the Glory of God. I felt so hurt when people spat in God’s face and refused to believe anything I said.

I am a sinner and so are you if you are reading this. Most people think they might be a good person, but are you sure of it? All people fall under the fallacy that you must attend church to be closer to God. You will never be closer to The Father anywhere else, but alone in your room. Even though you might not hear anything back at first, do not lose Hope. Our Father is always listening and knows more about you than anyone you know. He Loves you all and he loves me. He Loves everything that is before your eyes.

If you want to fill every hole in your life, Look For God and Call Out For Him. He Is Always Listening!

The time at which I have finished this blog post is 8:17 which means…. Matthew 8:17 – “This was to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet Isaiah: ‘He took up our infirmities and bore our diseases.'”

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