Finding God After Rejecting Him For My Entire Life

I am a 23 year old law student who began Finding God after rejecting Him for my entire life during winter break after my first semester of law school. However, I feel it is better said as God finally decided I was ready to experience His ever-filling love to take all my pain away after proving that I have finally become the child He desired me to be. I rejected him and claimed athiesm, but deep down I truly felt that there must be “something” out there.

The Lord finally allowed me to experience His love and forgiveness. If I could explain the feeling in a few words, it felt like a big blanket being pulled over my heart and entire body. My depression/anxiety went away and I finally proposed to my long-time girlfriend who I was only loving 85% because I was so obsessed with studying/money. (Remember Idolatry exists in many forms for you can worship money and the Devil’s creations devised for the sole purpose of making you sin without even knowing! You will be obliviously lost underneath the veil in which the Devil put over all of mankind’s eyes.)

The Heart is where the Soul is “contained.” The feeling of the Holy Spirit entering your heart is the most strange, but AMAZING feeling as it healed all the holes in my heart that have been there since the age of 6. If you ever feel that there is something wrong in your heart like you just cannot put your finger on, then that sounds like a lack of belief in the Lord and His Kingdom. WHEN YOU KNOW, YOU WILL KNOW!

Money, sex, and any item that people can conceivably idolize will not fill these empty feelings in your heart. This is something everybody knows, except that no one wants to make a sacrifice for other people. The Lord does not allow those who value man-made items more than Him and his fellow-man. For if you love physical wealth more than your own family, the Lord will give you exactly what you want. However, you might not like what you see at the end of the tunnel. However, when you dedicate your life to God, then you will live forever in the “Lord’s estate.” (Thanks for that phrase Billy Graham – here is a random sermon by Billy if you need to feel uplifted)

***I did not go to church for God to finally accept me. In fact I found him at my LOWEST after being sleepless for nearly 3 nights due to my ADHD problems. I have cried out to the Lord multiple times during my life, but He knows when a certain person deserves to be in the estate of the Lord. Less souls are being saved today because the Devil runs this land and we are so spiritually deaf/blind that we do not even know we are Sinning.

There is no “easy” way to prove yourself as every man’s tests from God are different because we each lack a certain characteristic as he knows absolutely all details of each man. Man has No Faith in the Lord, despite LOVING man more that NO mortal mind can conceive for we were made in His image and gave His only Begotten Son so that man will be cleansed of all Sin.***

Do not forget to read the Bible (Link to post on where to start reading) and Pray to Lord so that he may let you into his Kingdom. For the Lord offers riches that are more filling and meaningful than any object on this Earth.

The time at which this blog post was finished is 9:17 which means… Romans 9:17 – “For Scripture says to Pharaoh: ‘I raised you up for this very purpose, that I might display my power in you and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.'”

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